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The Struggle is Real...

When I started this gig in 2011 I thought I had a lot of experience under my belt... because I did! At 41 years old with 4 small children and a fitness career that was over 15 years old I had the confidence to help others help themselves. What I did not know 8 years ago is the tremendous amount of mindset that it takes to help YOURSELF when you are trying to make improvements that involve your health and wellness.


I have ridden the "struggle bus" myself for over 30 years. I have gotten on and off so many times that I have lost my mind. I have burned my frustrations on the road as I pound the pavement and listen to my feet hit the ground hundreds of thousands of times, blaming myself for what I did wrong to cause failure in my weight-loss programs. The time I have spent self-reflecting and educating myself as a Life Coach have validated that this struggle is real, but it does not have to be so self degrading and disappointing. The key in this lays in self-forgiveness and allowing yourself make mistakes.


Thankfully technology has allowed me to come into the homes and hearts of people across the country and even the world. My soul mate & husband met online and shared a passion for fitness. He never thought it possible to run a single mile as his mindset was changed once he believed that he could. Join me as I blog on my new website and hopefully your mindset will be enlightened as well :)

Mindset is everything!
Hubby's first 30k!

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