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This is the midpoint in the year for us...and as hard as it is to believe that half of 2019 is over, I sit back and reflect on all of the hard work that has sprouted from little tiny Getufit seeds this year.

It amazes me when I look back at the people who have trusted me with their health, and let me into their delicate and sensitive as some have been with their weight, the true changes I have seen take place in these people. Changes that started out with only physical goals, but now have become mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological improvements that will forever enhance their lives.

ALthough Lauren looked fantastic before, she is a lot happier at her goal weight! She is now eating healthy foods and has cut out all processed food items!


My next program is starting on August 10.

I am offering an opportunity to get started

now at no extra cost- Coupon Code "FREEMONTH"

Commit to the Metabolic Reboot by July 15 and add one month of nutrition to your cart. Use coupon code at checkout and the $85 will be deducted!

Starting August 10th-November 2

Finally, a program that you know will work! I have helped so many people learn how to eat clean and truly enjoy it. The greatest benefit is that we will be resetting your metabolism and repairing it in the process, all while you lose weight and learn how to eat clean and exercise! What makes this program unique is you have to correspond with me daily. This ongoing support provides accountability that is priceless!

Join the EXCLUSIVE page that is included in the group for FREE. This page will remain open and public until we begin. Here is the page that you can follow for free until the group is up and running :


A custom food plan based on foods you like, weight loss goals, allergies, work schedules, travel, and or busy schedules.

•Meal plans are updated each month which include FIVE breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner choices along with several family friendly dinners that will be enjoyed by everyone.

•On-going weekly and daily lessons on how to take in the proper amounts of proteins, carbs and fats and eventually be able to construct your own food plan based on what I have taught you.

•Careful monitoring of your food intake via a food log in which I can see your activity level as well everything you have eaten.

•Daily communication on weigh ins via text messaging. I expect all members of this group to touch base with me every morning to report their weigh-in along with any concerns or issues.

•Daily information, inspiration and support our private page.

•Workouts and LIVE video chats will also be included on this page and can only be viewed by members.

•Basic workout schedule that can be accommodated for any level and can be done at home or at the gym.

•Additional advice on exercise provided on a one on one basis.

•Weekly workout videos that are posted on the PRIVATE page.

•These workouts will also be available on the page in which you will have access to throughout the program and even after the program ends.

Charleen joined my program two years ago. She has lost over 25 pounds and kept if off! She is currently training for Chicago Marathon !


Hit the link ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ take that leap of faith!!

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