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Realistic Sustainable Expectations

If I could rename my business, I would name it this. If I could go back and drill certain things into the minds of all the people that I have ever worked with over that last two decades, I would put it into these three words . REALISTIC SUSTAINABLE EXPECTATIONS... RSE.


The reason why people fail in weight loss and improving their health and wellness is because they create these unrealistic expectations for themselves too early in the program. Of course we want immediate fact, society and social media leads us to believe that is possible through the posts and marketing schemes that are plastered all over the place. If it were that easy, everyone would have that perfect BEACH BODY. No one would be overweight and the Americans would not be dying of health related illnesses each and everyday .

You see, there is no quick way. All of these gimmicks and programs will deliver instant results, but not many of them are REALISTIC and SUSTAINABLE. What does that mean?? Before you buy into a food plan you must ask yourself, "Is this something I can do for the rest of my life?" If you hesitate for even a second, then your expectations are set too high. Sure, you can do anything for a short time. I went six months without eating bread and fruit after my son was born in 2002 because Dr. Adkins said I would lose weight. I did! I looked amazing as I pushed my triple stroller with my 3,2 and 1 year old children around. Until the day came where I wanted to eat watermelon, cherries...and an apple. Did I really think I wasn't going to have fruit ever again??? Don't get me wrong, you are technically supposed to add these "forbidden" items back into your diet slowly and with moderation, but after not having bread for six months I am pretty sure I inhaled the entire loaf before my brain told my jaw to start chewing. #didnteventasteit

After 30+ years of dieting and 20+ years of being in the health and fitness industry, my studies have concluded the RSE approach will help you ease into a program that you can adapt to and sustain for life. I have 223 individuals on my Spring Reboot Program that just began. Although I don't promote eating off the plan, I realize that it is ABSOLUTELY going to happen. Instead of depriving yourself and then avoiding the scale and the program due to self-shame, I council my clients to work in into their plan.

1. Portion it out. If you are at a party and you really want a piece of cake, make that decision to have it. Look at the size of the piece and look up the calories to decide if it's worth it. Often that information will cause you not to want it.

2. If you want it, eat it and log it. Enjoy each bite as if it came from a famous French bakery . Yum yum. Don't just suck it down because "it's there".... you know the difference. That is your treat. Don't look at it like a failure and eat 6 more cookies because you want to punish yourself. That's it. You worked hard all week and now you're done.

3. If your weight goes up it most likely could be sodium or water retention. You will find that one good day will bring your weight back down and you will feel amazing.

Expect normal results. Don't expect to win this race, because it is NOT a race. The longer you stick to a program, the easier it will become to tackle the challenges that come with SUSTAINING this lifestyle. Once you master it, it's the best place on Earth.

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