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Class Descriptions

[•IGN!TE•] is a full featured On-Demand workout channel with 10 different formats to stimulate your muscles and make you strong from head to toe! When you’re strong, you can take on the world. Look good, feel good and boost your confidence with our strength-building [•IGN!TE•] workouts!

Here is a description of what each class covers and what to expect!

EMPOWER- The workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts, and curls, and participants determine the amount of weight they should be lifting based on their own body weight and strength abilities. Short cardio segments throughout the workout with modifications shown to bring up heart rate and enhance fat burning.

EQUIPMENT: Two pairs of hand weights. Heavy and light. Beginners should start with 3lb and 5lb, Intermediate 5lb and 8lb. Advanced 8lb and 12lb.

EVOLVE- The workout also challenges all your major muscle groups and uses the same high repetitions as used in EMPOWER without the cardio segments. A more intense muscular based worked targeting all major muscle groups.

EQUIPMENT: Two pairs of hand weights. Heavy and light. Beginners should start with 3lb and 5lb, Intermediate 5lb and 8lb. Advanced 8lb and 12lb.

FIERCE- The combination of high-intensity lifts using a barbell, staple CrossFit moves and some good old-fashioned weight training will keep your muscles guessing. Don't worry if you don't have a bar, all movements can be done using hand weights!

EQUIPMENT: Barbell or body bar. Beginners should start with 8lb. Intermediate 10-12lb. Advanced 15-18lb.

ISOLATE- The perfect trifecta. Strength moves using weights and a kettle ball, followed by heart racing cardio moves, capped off by isolated holds to stimulate extreme muscle control and balance moves for optimal results. Kettle ball is optional and weights can be used in its place.

EQUIPMENT: Hand weights. Beginners should start with 3lb to 5lb, Intermediate 5lb to 8lb. Advanced 8lb to 12lb. Kettle ball weights should be in the same weight range.

BLAST- No equipment needed! This cardio based class will have you burning calories by doing repetitive movements using your own body resistance and cardio moves. One minute blasts will have you wondering why 60 seconds never seemed so long before!

CORE- No equipment needed however hand weights or bands can be used ! This class focuses on the core. Don't be fooled as this includes everything from your ribs to your knees!

STIX- This fun drumstick class is no joke. Pound it out with these inexpensive sticks that can be purchased on Amazon, or even made at home. See the DIY video on the STIX page. Wood spoons can also be used!

ROTATE- If you love to cycle, this class is for you! Follow this cardio based class as we ride through hills, sprints and even jumps! If you don't have a bike you can purchase this inexpensive one for under $250 and amplify your at home workouts!

TRED- A great class for walkers or runners. Follow along as we walk, climb with optional run segments. This can be done outdoors or on an elliptical. Volumes 4, 5, and 6 include weights for additional strength training.

ELEVATE- A combination of yoga and stretching for optimal recovery. Each class provides a description of what the focus is so be sure to read the cover and elevate your flexibilty!

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