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Joy B.

Love the direct daily contact and communication. All resources including Facebook pages and website are very informative and helpful. I have had lots of success with program when I  follow the program. Irene is the best! She reaches out and offers help when needed.

Jennifer M.

This is not a "diet". This is a change in your thinking and way of managing your weight and overall well being. It isn't just recipes and workouts, Irene focuses on what is causing you to not be successful and offers advice and suggestions on how to change those things so that you can GET FIT!  Irene genuinely wants every client to be successful and knows that not every person will take the same path to get there, but it can be done if you TRUST THE PROCESS!

Lynn T.

Finding Getufit Fitness & Nutrition was the best thing that happened to my life!  I was reluctant to contact Irene but then thought I’d give it a go. I had done so many silly diets in life and avoided carbs. Everything left me hungry and with low energy. It soon will be 4 years that I married this program and will never stop! Irene is the absolute best and her program is the real deal! Trust the process and you won’t regret it!

Michelle L.

Irene and the Getufit program have been transformative!!! East and delicious recipes!!! Great communication and support and the workouts are to die for!!! Literally—haha!! Feeling better, losing weight, getting stronger, and finding more energy!!

Keri L.

I have been working with Irene and her program for a few weeks and have already seen amazing results- weight loss, clothes fitting differently, etc. I couldn't be happier and am looking forward to more weight loss and body strengthening. I've tried multiple other programs, diets, workouts, and they haven't worked. I know Irene has my back and will support me throughout while holding me accountable. If you're wanting and needing a change,  I highly encourage you to sign up. It's so worth it!

Karinth M.

Irene is absolutely amazing! She has changed my life completely. Her plan is affordable and so easy. You just have to DO it! You get family-friendly recipes, easy at home work-outs, encouragement and a lifetime friend. Irene is so knowledgeable and her plan works and is maintainable. I have lost 39 pounds and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommended!!

We are thrilled to offer this special opportunity to lose weight, increase energy and learn what your body needs to have a well-functioning metabolism!  Each month includes a meal plan that is loaded with delicious recipes you and your family will love!  


$100 DOWN and get that 4th month FREE!! 


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